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Apple iOS 18

Unveiled: “Apple iOS 18”: A Look at the Major Additions and Modifications to the Upcoming iPhone operating system.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday, Apple revealed new features that would be available on iPhones through iOS 18 and the company’s AI-powered intelligence system known as “Apple Intelligence.” These features include scheduled i Messages, customizable interfaces, and unique emojis.

Apple CEO Craig Federighi stated that iPhone customers would have access to a more intelligent, adaptable, and potent mobile operating system with the release of iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence later this year.

Federighi stated, “We are just getting started, I hope you are as excited as I am about the road ahead,” at Apple’s WWDC presentation.

These are a few of the new features that Apple Intelligence and iOS 18 will provide.

When will iOS 18 be available? Which smartphones support iOS 18?

Apple revealed that iOS 18 will be available for free download for iPhone Xs and later this fall.

Improved home screen, customizable control center,

Upon unlocking their iPhones, most users are greeted with an abundance of apps and a background. Users of iOS 18 will have additional customization options for their home screen, which include:

.arranging widgets and app icons wherever in the grid of the home screen.
Changing the app icons on the iPhone when it is in dark mode.
adjusting the home screen’s tint color.

By grouping their preferred controls—including those made by third-party apps—iPhone users will have even more customization options within the control center. There will also be customizable shortcuts for the camera and lights on the lock screen.

iOS 18 will provide more “tapback” reactions and scheduled messages.

Thanks to iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence, the Messages app will get a ton of new capabilities, as Apple executives revealed on Monday.

The Message app was updated with scheduled messages, text effects, and emoji tapbacks. While emoji tapbacks let users reply to text messages with greater expressiveness, text effects let users visually augment their words.

Another update to Messages, Rich Communication Services (RCS), will be available with iOS 18 and will facilitate easier text chatting between Android and iPhone users.

Greetings, “Genmojis”

Users will be able to design personalized “Genmoji” to fit every occasion with the aid of Apple Intelligence. Users will only need to enter a description; after that, other options will display beside the Genmoji. Moreover, emojis can be included directly into texts.

The capacity to produce “total original images” of people in sketch and animation formats is another capability that users can access through Apple Intelligence in Messages. Apple generated a bespoke doodle and delivered it via the Messages app using a contact’s birthday as an example.

“Greatest makeover ever” for Photos

“Biggest redesign ever” for Photos: the app will now be “unified to a single view.”

The app will soon have filter options that will allow users to browse through photographs by the month or year they were taken. It is also possible to filter out screenshots.

There’s now a collections option that lets users peruse areas that they can customize. Another feature that lets people view their favorite pictures in a different style is a carousel that changes every day.

better and more structured Mail app

Emails may be divided into sections using the Mail app, which will help users’ inboxes stay more organized.

Emails that arrive are divided into:

primary for emails that are personal and urgent
Transactions pertaining to receipts and confirmations
Notifications for social media and news updates

discounts and promotions for marketing emails
Important email skimming will also be facilitated by a new mail digest feature.

Safari now has highlights and a revamped reader.

Safari will be able to facilitate skimming articles or webpages more easily by identifying and condensing important information.

For example, Safari may locate a restaurant’s location just by looking up its name on a webpage or summarize a lengthy essay for visitors.

App for passwords, enhanced privacy

Users will find it simpler to store and retrieve their passkeys, Wi-Fi passwords, passwords, and verification codes with the Passwords app. Users who have used their passwords more than once or in weak passwords will also receive an alert from the app.

By enabling users to conceal and lock apps such that opening them requires a passcode or Face ID, the iOS 18 update will also improve users’ privacy.

Improved Siri

Apple Intelligence will make Siri more sophisticated than before, enabling it to:

Perform tasks inside apps on behalf of users.
Respond to tens of thousands of inquiries from customers seeking help with Apple products.
When sending messages or arranging activities, keep the conversational context intact to avoid having people repeat certain details.
Improve comprehension of requests, even if users mispronounce words.
When something new shows up on the screen, respond to it by doing something like updating a contact when a user gets a text message with a new address.

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