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strawberry full moon

Friday night’s strawberry full moon will illuminate the sky.

On the longest day of the year, which follows the summer solstice, keep an eye out for the June full moon, often known as the “strawberry moon.”

Why this matters A full Moon falling on a day close to a solstice is an uncommon occurrence that typically happens every 19 to 20 years, according to

The big picture:

According to, the June full Moon often appears reddish because it is the lowest full Moon of the year and is near the horizon.

Yes, but:

The Moon should seem pink or reddish; don’t expect to see a vivid red, strawberry-shaped moon.


According to, Native American Algonquin tribes have used the moniker Strawberry Moon to identify the June ripening of strawberries that are ready to be harvested.

In Europe, it is called the Mead, Honey, or Rose Moon.

Interesting fact:

According to NASA, the Honey Moon is the “sweetest” Moon of the year, therefore it’s possible that the phrase “honeymoon” originated from “the custom of marrying in June” or from this full Moon.

When is the 2024 Strawberry Moon?

NASA reports that on Friday, June 21, at 9:08 p.m. EDT, the full Moon will be seen opposite the sun.

The moon’s visibility varies according to time zone.

Use and this Moonrise and Moonset calculator to get the local timings.
Also, NASA has a Daily Moon Guide that includes an interactive map for optimal moon viewing.

Zoom in:

According to NASA, the full Moon on Friday, June 22, until the morning of June 22 will be the lowest full Moon of the year in the Washington, D.C. region.

At 1:20 am ET, it will rise to a height of 21.9 degrees above the southern horizon.
The “buck moon” will be the next full moon in July.

What’s coming up: According to, the “buck moon,” or the next full moon, will occur on July 21 at 6:17 a.m.

According to the website, the name “buck moon” comes from the fresh antlers that sprout from a buck’s forehead at this time of year.
Wyrd Moon, Hay Moon, and Thunder Moon are some other names for it.

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