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Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo’s wedding

After five years of dating, Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo’s wedding in Rhode Island, San Francisco 49-year-old running back Christian McCaffrey finally tied the wedding.

The NFL player and the former Miss Universe have tied the knot after five years. On June 29, the couple tied the knot in a chapel in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, the bride’s native state.

Vogue, which broke the story of the wedding first, said that Culpo wore a white, long-sleeved, crew-neck, crepe Dolce & Gabbana ball gown as she made her way down the aisle. She accessorized the ensemble with a lengthy lace-trimmed veil.

TK Visitors/Emotion Not surprisingly, Culpo’s brothers Gus and Pete were present, as were her sisters Sophia and Aurora. The brothers McCaffrey, Max, Luke, and Dylan provided support for McCaffrey in the meantime. Naturally, Ed and Lisa McCaffrey, as well as Peter Culpo and Susan Curran, the parents of the couples, were also there.

It appears like Culpo had a picture-perfect wedding day. Ultimately, the ex-pageant queen maintained that there was one non-negotiable aspect of her wedding.

Culpo clarified, “My groom,” to E! News in March. “He has to be there.”

The 32-year-old naturally included a few more things that would make her big day unforgettable, such as family, tequila, pleasant weather, and fun times, but she stressed that she was going to be a laid-back bride and that “whatever happens, happens.”

Prior to announcing their engagement in April 2023, Culpo and McCaffrey, 27, began dating in 2019. Furthermore, the “Culpo Sisters” actress, who dated Danny Amendola and Nick Jonas in the past, believes that she and the running back are lifelong teammates because of their experiences together.

“Even when things are exciting — everything’s better with another person that you can share experiences with,” Culpo said. Thus, supporting one another is such a blessing and it does indeed make life simpler. When you adopt that mindset, there’s really no worst-case situation because you have each other at the end of the day.”

She has also demonstrated her commitment to the cause by supporting McCaffrey at both his career highs and lows. This includes welcoming him to the San Francisco 49ers from the Carolina Panthers in 2022, paying him a staggering $38 million over the course of two years, and standing by him during his devastating Super Bowl defeat in February.

A few weeks after losing out on his championship ring, Culpo posted on Instagram, “Thanking God for a healthy season and for putting my best friend on this earth,” before gesturing to McCaffrey and saying, “Now let’s get married!”

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